West Coast Camouflage

West Coast Camouflage

It would appear that the milder temperatures are now showing themselves, and with them comes an increase in pedestrian traffic.  Blueridge is a community of walkers whether for fun, fitness or with pets. However, I am amazed at how many people go out at night wearing “West Coast Camouflage” – dark colors head to toe. And yes, blue, green, grey and brown are  all camouflage out there, it’s not just black. Add to that, inadequately lit streets, windshields that maybe haven’t been cleaned on the inside for a while and are being drizzled with rain and you now have a recipe for accidents.

Before going out at night, ask yourself  “Am I making myself EASY to be seen?

Here are a few tricks that I have noticed some Blueridge residents using to stay visible:

  • wear bright, light colored clothing (had to say it)
  • use a white umbrella on rainy days
  • wear a WIDE reflective vest or sash
  • carry a BRIGHT flashlight and wave it around on the ground
  • put reflective vests/flashing lights on dogs

YOU are responsible for your safety!



On ramp at Berkley & Mt. Seymour PKWY: We are glad to report that the District has no intention of changing the current intersection layout.

Stop signs at Hyannis Drive & Sechelt Drive: It was  proposed that the stop sign at the North-east end of Sechelt Drive (@ Hyannis) be removed and replaced by 2 stop signs on Hyannis Drive, on either side of Sechelt – the goal being to reduce the speed through this section of Hyannis Drive. As we suspected, changing this intersection layout would be problematic as it would require an odd deviation from national traffic standards. We would like to encourage Hyannis residents, particularly those south of this intersection and on Dresden Way, to be aware of their speed through this section of road. With no sidewalks and many children living in this area, we must all understand that the roadways are a multi-use system with no one having the right to priority.

4-Way stop at Emerson Way & Carnation Street: This was installed at the request of Seymour Heights Elementary School to help children crossing Emerson. We can see how the tall cedar hedge on the NW corner does limit the sight lines northward on Emerson and we support Seymour Heights Elementary in their concern for student safety. Given the large imbalance in traffic volumes on Emerson vs. Carnation through the intersection, we have suggested to the District that traffic bulges, installed on the NW and NE corners, would open up the sight lines for pedestrians, calm the intersection speeds and keep the larger traffic volumes travelling north and south on Emerson moving smoothly.

The Traffic & Safety Committee is always open to input from residents. Please send your comments to traffic@blueridgeca.org.

Yours in Service,
Graham Gilley
Chair, Traffic & Safety Committee

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