Water Supply

Have you ever wondered where gets its water from? Major water supplies encompass a large number of parts that must be managed as a whole. Metro Vancouver’s water supply is no exception, and they provide a great deal of information on their website. The DNV website provides information about their portion of the water supply. This page extracts information from those sources and links to other things directly to provide a simplified overview. If you have questions not answered here, start with those sites to research the answers you need.

Our drinking water comes from three watersheds, which collect water into three bodies:

Additionally, the supply can be supplemented with water from the following sources, particularly in the summer months:

Water from these sources is combined as needed and treated to keep it safe. Then it is pumped to homes and businesses all over Metro Vancouver, including here in Blueridge.

Water quality testing is done daily by Metro Vancouver. Additional tests are done by the various municipalities, including the DNV. You can find Metro Vancouver’s annual water quality testing reports online, as well as similar reports from the DNV.

The curious can also find the summertime levels of our reservoirs, which leads to questions about water conservation.