Water Conservation

Stage 2 Water Conservation Rules Begin August 4

Announcement from Metro Vancouver

All lawn watering is prohibited until restrictions are lifted.
Stage 1 rules are generally lifted on Oct 15.

While our area gets quite a bit of rainfall overall, the summer months see much less precipitation. In addition, water consumption goes way up at the same time. This combination causes reservoir levels to drop. Metro Vancouver provides a chart of summer time reservoir levels that shows the severity of the problem. These factors make it necessary to introduce water conservation rules in the summer.

Water restrictions are introduced in four stages.

  • Stage 1 is in effect from May 1 to October 15 every year.
  • The other stages are imposed only if reservoir levels and inflows drop far enough to require them.

This document shows what restrictions are in place for residential, business, and government entities at each water conservation stage.

Stage 2 or greater restrictions eliminate all lawn watering until the restrictions are lifted. See the document linked above for more details on other restrictions and watering rules for other plants.

Lawn watering is a huge part of the increased water use that happens in summer months. Conservation helps keep water available for other uses, and reduces the need for additional – and expensive – infrastructure projects that would increase supply.

Please do your part and avoid all lawn watering until the restrictions are lifted.

Note that fines for violations range up to $500, and the DNV patrols looking for sprinklers running.

Additional water conservation information is available from Metro Vancouver and the DNV.