Transit Information

As we reduce our carbon footprint, using public transit makes sense. And sometimes the car is stuck in the shop. Thankfully Blueridge is served by one primary and one secondary bus route: 214 and 211.

  • Route 214 goes right through the centre of Blueridge and stops at Phibbs Exchange. On weekdays during the morning commute it also continues on through East Vancouver and into downtown at Burrard Station.
  • Route 211 passes through the southern edge of Blueridge along Mount Seymour Parkway. It connects Deep Cove with Phibbs Exchange and (during part of the day) East Vancouver, and downtown.

Depending on where you live and how much walking you want to do, either of those routes may serve your needs. From Phibbs Exchange – at Main and Highway 1 – you can connect to many other bus routes to get where you need to go.

There are any number of apps for your smartphone to help plan a trip and check for when a bus will arrive at a stop near you. Translink’s website recommends the Google Trip Planner to plan a trip on public transit. If you’re waiting for a bus you can text the bus stop number and the route number to 33333 to get a text showing when the next bus will arrive at that stop.

For example, texting:

54072 211

to 33333 on Aug 17, 2021 at 3:27 pm returned:

54072 [211] 3:49p 4:17p

The next 211 bus was going to stop at the corner of Berkley and Mt. Seymour at 3:49 pm, and the bus after that would arrive at 4:17 pm. The route 211 map (linked above) shows stop 54072 is on the westbound side of the street, so passengers boarding there will be taken towards Phibbs Exchange and downtown Vancouver.

Of course, Metro-Vancouver transit includes lots of things other than bus routes. You can use the bus to get to the Skytrain, the SeaBus, and the West Coast Express.

In addition to those services, there is also the HandyDART system, which provides door-to-door service for those who cannot use the conventional public transit system without assistance.

All this information and more is available through the TransLink website.