Traffic & Safety: Request for Input

Traffic & Safety: Request for Input

Since our last article much work has been completed by the District on initiatives stemming from a community Association meeting over a year ago.  We have seen the center line up Berkley repainted with  consistent markings; new curb bulges at Carnation and Berkley with  the possibility of a lit crosswalk to come; and a new crosswalk installed at Layton and Berkley.  This work was all aimed at increasing the crossing opportunities for children across Berkley and reducing driver confusion.

The Byron Road s-curve by Blueridge Elementary School remains on our  radar as an area in need of speed abatement.  The proposal for a  marked crosswalk at the Hardy Path, along with parking restrictions on the South and North sides of Byron (intended to provide a clear and safe access route to the school for children) turned out to be just a bit too onerous on local residents.  We have asked the District to shelve those plans while we look for alternatives.  The most obvious solution would seem to be a marked crosswalk leading to a sidewalk on the North side.  The District has indicated that the cost of the sidewalk is beyond the scope of their budget.  Another proposal is speed bumps through this section with bump-profiles that truly limit speed. Again, the District has indicated that the cost of these installations is beyond the scope of their budget.  We could proceed with either of these if they were pursued as a “local area service initiative.”  This would require 2/3 approval of all “benefitting property owners” – a definition that is highly problematic when the safe access to the school is arguably beneficial to a wide range of property owners.  This definition was put in place for residents who simply want traffic slowed on their street for its own sake.  The goal in this case is not to abate speed for the enjoyment of the Byron residents, but rather to provide a safe route to the school.  Stay tuned!

There are also two new proposals that have been brought forward by Blueridge residents.

Sechelt @ Hyannis: It has been proposed that the stop sign at the North-east end of Sechelt Drive (@ Hyannis) be removed and replaced by 2 stop signs on Hyannis Drive, on either side of Sechelt. The goal here is to reduce the speed through this section of Hyannis Drive. It has the added benefit of making the right and left turns off of Sechelt easier in the winter months when the roadway is slippery, and of making the crossing of Hyannis to/from the Hill Drive pathway safer.

Berkley @ Mount Seymour Parkway: a resident of lower Berkley approached the District with a proposal to alter the on-ramp from Berkley onto west-bound Mt Seymour Parkway. The proposal would see the existing on-ramp removed and changed to a simple 90 degree right hand turn at the intersection. The goal is to reduce speed southbound on Berkley between Bendale and the Parkway.  This proposal was met with some enthusiasm by the District, who claim the merge lane from Berkley onto the Parkway is dangerously short.

The Traffic & Safety Subcommittee is seeking input from residents on both of these proposals.  Please send your comments to or call Graham Gilley at 604-913-6027.

Yours in Service,
Graham Gilley
Chair, Traffic & Safety Subcommittee

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