Sharing Garden Site Update

Sharing Garden Site Update

On Tuesday April 7th the skies were clear and a group of dedicated volunteers arrived at the Lytton Street road allowance (Lytton and Carnation) to start the site prep for the Blueridge/Seymour Heights Sharing Garden. Kudos to Eric and Larry from Miura Property Services/Lynn Valley Lions Club. They worked non-stop with backhoe, lawn tractor, truck, bins and even a chain-saw at one point to clear the site. Eric had the finesse of a ballet dancer at the controls of the backhoe as he worked for two days straight (volunteering his time/machines/and fuel) while Larry was the a second pair of eyes for the backhoe operator and manned the bins that went to the green waste disposal. In the end they removed over 9 tonnes (that’s 9000+ kg) of material from the site – not to mention untold numbers of bottles, cans, and other pieces of garbage that people have been dumping in this area for the last 25 years. Scroll down to see some photos from the day.

FYI – a work party will take place to build the garden beds/shed etc on Saturday April 18th at 10:00 am. All are welcome. Please bring garden gloves, cordless drills, and wheelbarrows if you have them.

Many, many thanks to our volunteers AND to the funding bodies that are providing the grants for this non-taxpayer funded project: Vancity, Lionsgate Rotary Club, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Foundation. Also a big shout out to the DNV’s Community Beautification Coordinator, Courtenay Fraitzl. We are looking for more help if you are interested in improving the community with this wonderful garden. Please email Here is a link to the project plans.

Nine tonnes of material (mostly blackberries) were removed from the site.
Just a small amount of the garbage that was removed. People have been using this space as a dumping ground for 25 years!
Volunteers Larry and Eric (from Miura Property Services) at the start of the FIRST day of site clearing.
Finished. It took 2 days of full-time work with a backhoe (and the removal of 2 bin-loads of material) to get the site to this point.
Before – it looks like the backhoe is going to disappear into the blackberries.


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