Seymour River Suspension Bridge

Seymour River Suspension Bridge


Metro Vancouver worked with Surespan Construction through the spring, summer and fall of 2018 to install a 73 metre Suspension Bridge over the Seymour River.

The new crossing re-establishes the historic span at the Twin Bridge location that was removed due to the 2014 rockslide flooding, allowing recreational users to cross to the east trail network within the LSCR.

With re-established access across the Seymour River, the east and west trail networks have regained connection.

Seymour River Suspension Bridge – Half of the decking is left bare, half is covered with non-slip surfacing to accommodate various user groups.

Canyon Creek Bridge – Wide enough for Metro Vancouver maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles, this bridge provides access to Fisherman’s Trail south and other eastside trails from Riverside Drive.

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