Board of Directors

Eric Andersen

Board Chair

Ted Bancroft


Toby Barazzoul

Director at Large

Lesley Brooks

Director at Large
Welcome Committee, Constitution, Scholarship

Anni Danielson

Director at Large
Trails, Constitution, Scholarship

Mahnaz Fardghassemi

Director at Large

Barry Fenton

Secretary, Constitution, Nominations

Lauren Gorgounis

Director at Large

Ruth Hanson

Director at Large

Fariba Leilaby

Director at Large

Elmira Nazar

Director at Large

Nima Sahebi

Director at Large

Ongoing Roles

Corinne Bergdal

Sharing Garden

Michael Bernard

Newsletter Editor

Fariba Leilaby

Newsletter Distribution Coordinator

Kuhan Milroy

Web Architect

Elmira Nazar

Volunteer Coordinator

Jeff Powell

Website Design
& Maintenance
Blueridge Bulletin Editor

Standing Committees

District of North Vancouver Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

The BCA is proud to have been a long time member of this community advisory panel. The CAP provides a forum for the open and mutual exchange of ideas and concerns between the companies and local communities in Maplewood and surrounding areas. CAP members include North Shore Emergency Management, the Port, DNV, Wild Bird Trust and various community associations as well as individual community members. The DNV website has more information about the CAP.

Current Representatives: Barb Rennie and Alex Adams

Canlan Ice Sports Advisory Committee

Canlan Ice Sports (located at the base of Berkley Road) consults with representatives from the local area and their customers twice a year in the form of an advisory committee. The meetings consist of updates from Canlan on their activities that may impact their customers or community. Our Blueridge representative provides an update on any community news that would impact Canlan and advises the BCA Board of Directors of potential impacts to our community.

Current Representative: Clare Edmundson

Current and Past Volunteers

Since the BCA has been around so long, many many people have pitched in over time. In fact, at the time of this writing, the list is well over 180 long, and we’re certain that doesn’t include everyone.

We are grateful for the assistance of every last one of those people. Blueridge wouldn’t be the same without them.

Thank you all!