Pedal Power – Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Pedal Power – Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

We are so lucky here in Blueridge to be living next right by some spectacular bike routes – and I’m not just talking about mountain biking – we’ve got great road biking as well. Looking for a fun 40 km round trip from Blueridge to the Seymour Dam and back, with minimal traffic to boot? Look no further. Here’s a map of the route I took yesterday. Remember to wear a helmet and bring some water and a snack.

Part 1: Ride down Berkley with the wind whistling in your ears. If it’s early morning, this might be the coldest part of your ride. Take a right onto Mt. Seymour Parkway. Follow the bike lane over the Seymour River. The bike lane magically (tragically?) ends at Superstore – but then sort of continues on the sidewalk for the last stretch up to Lilloet Road. Take a hard right onto the Seymour River Greenway – a paved path that winds up behind Cap U. This will be the steepest part of the whole endeavour. When you arrive at the parking lots for Cap U you can leave the greenway (it turns into gravel here) and get on the road that leads up behind Cap U.

part 1

Part 2. Once you have passed the Cap U bus terminal, you will join up with Lilloet Road and continue along the road – which is open to cars – roughly 3 km to the start of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. This road has speed bumps on it, which are fun to go over on your bike (not so fun in the car). Once you reach the parking lot, you will find an outhouse, a water fountain, maps, garbage and recycling cans etc. Part 2

Part 3. Through the gate and you are on your way on the car-free paved path – it is approx. 10 km to the end of the LSCR paved trail which is a nice stopping point (Stoney Creek Picnic Area). If you are feeling ambitious, then a further 2 km leads up to the Seymour River Dam and Seymour Lake. To the East, the Fannin Range (Mount Seymour, Mount Elsay, Mount Bishop) towers above you, to the West – Lynn Peak, The Needles and Coliseum Mountain. It can get pretty cold in the trees towards to upper reaches of this ride, bring a jacket or arm-warmers just in case.

View of Seymour Lake and the dam from the road.


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