Packed house and passionate crowd tonight at Public Forum on Future of Blueridge School Lands

Packed house and passionate crowd tonight at Public Forum on Future of Blueridge School Lands

Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting tonight about the future of Blueridge School Lands (if and when the school closes). There was a crowd of at least 70 people in attendance, including three school trustees: Barry Forward, Jessica Stanley, and Cyndi Gerlach, as well as the vice-principal of Blueridge Elementary School, Erin Primas. More information will follow on the discussion that we had this evening – as a preliminary here is a link to  Barry Forward’s Presentation April 4th (PDF format). If you couldn’t attend, here is the survey, please take a minute to fill it out.

Our meeting tonight was based on the fact (from a School Board decision made in 2010) that Blueridge Elementary School is slated to close, with a new (larger) school to be built on the site of the current Seymour Heights. Our goal was to prepare for the school closure and to have a plan in place for the future of the land that Blueridge School currently sits on. While there is no definite timeline for the school to close, it never hurts to ‘Be Prepared’.

Overwhelmingly tonight we heard objections to the school closure. We learned that while enrolment was declining for many years – the trend has since reversed and Blueridge Elementary is currently operating at near capacity (present enrolment 353 students). We also learned that the School District is grappling with funding shortfalls for Capital projects. We learned that the future of our small, well-loved, neighbourhood school is part of a much bigger puzzle.

Stay tuned for more updates. As a Community Association – we want to represent the wishes of the community. We will be putting together a task force that will look at the issues (school closure/future of land use) and advocate for the community. To do this we need your help. Get involved:

  • attend School District meetings
  • vote (in local and provincial elections)
  • talk to your friends and neighbours about this issue.
  • Join the Blueridge School Lands Taskforce

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