News Sources

This page was originally created after the passage of bill C-18 – the Online News Act – when various internet news sources are threatening to stop providing or linking to Canadian news sites and stories, particularly Facebook and Google.

As of December 2023, Facebook has blocked Canadian news, but Google has settled with the government and is continuing to supply news as well as pay a sum to Canadian news outlets.

As a result, depending on your habits, you may want (or need) to change the way you search for and find news. But even if your news consumption is not affected by bill C-18, knowing what the local news sources are can sometimes be very helpful.

For that reason we provide below a list of reliable news and information sources that you can bookmark, link to, subscribe to, or possibly add to your RSS reader. (More on RSS readers at the bottom of this page.)

The list begins with the most local and widens out to larger areas.  Omissions are not deliberate. Please send your suggested additions for reliable, accurate, and timely news to

Blueridge News

    • BCA Website home page – This is regularly updated with important information about our community.
    • BCA Website News Page – An RSS feed of important news items. Not everything that makes the home page gets posted here, though, so be sure to check there as well.
    • The Blueridge Bulletin – A free monthly email sent to subscribers with news about the neighbourhood.
    • The Blueridge Community Newsletter – Hand delivered to every mailbox in Blueridge and Seymour Heights three times a year.

DNV News

    • DNV News Page – This page gets short updates about local events like wildfires. Sadly it is not something you can subscribe to, so bookmark it and check it when needed.

North Shore News

Vancouver Area News

BC News

National News

RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication.” It’s a way for a website to publish articles that specific software – called an RSS reader – can easily find and display. If you want to follow a number of websites and track their updates, an RSS reader can be invaluable. Example RSS readers include Feedly and Inoreader, as well as Bazqux. (Google Reader was possibly the most famous RSS reader ever created, but it no longer exists.) Many RSS readers are free or have free versions. Some are software that you install while others are websites you visit. Search [ RSS readers ] to find more information on Google. There’s also an excellent article from The Tyee about RSS readers, and another from The Verge.