New Website

New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We are really lucky to have such an active community; we have been listening to you and we are trying to deliver.

Some of the feedback we received at our BCA meetings regarding our website were: add a photo gallery section, add a classified ads section, allow members of the community to participate on the site by writing blog post and/or comments.

The BCA board took all this input into consideration and Angela Duso worked hard in order to achieve them. Unfortunately the software (RVSiteBuilder) that was controlling the old site didn’t facilitate the process and a review was needed. It was during our last BCA meeting that I volunteered to present a new project to the board that was capable of implementing all these tasks and leave room for continuous expansion.

For  the new site I needed:

  • A powerful tool that allows for continuos growth
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of documentation
  • Well known and widely used
  • Be sure that wasn’t going to be obsolete in a few years
  • Able to control multiple users
  • Allow users to create new content
  • Allow for multiple sections: blog post, photo gallery, classifieds, etc.
  • Able to display it on multiple devices: computers, tablets, cell phones.

The Internet offers multiple tools to accomplish this but for me the “Easy to use” part was the most important so I decided to used the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress for our new site.

Sometimes you have to take one step back in order to continue forward. I created a fresh new website as well as a new design, and manually moved all the content from the old site to the new one. I then presented the new project to the board and after a few revisions they decided to go ahead with the upgrade.

The new features are currently under development but we thought it would be best for all of us to launch the site before the holidays and to coincide with the newsletter to give it some exposure.

We welcome any feedback you may have. I hope you enjoy these changes and keep your eyes open for the coming additions.

Alberto Trujillo González

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