Keep Informed

There are many ways to keep up with the BCA and everything going on in the neighbourhood.

  • The Blueridge Community Newsletter is automatically distributed to your mailbox in March, June, and October. The link includes an archive of past newsletters.

  • The Blueridge Bulletin is an email sent out monthly to subscribers. More info at the link – including an archive – or you can sign up for it here.

  • Our homepage is regularly updated with key information. Bookmark it and visit it regularly.

  • There are also News Posts here on the Blueridge Website. If you use an RSS reader you can subscribe to those.

The BCA is on these social media sites. Follow us on your favourites!

We also archive some of our social media posts:

We also have a page of information and links that all our social media profiles include. It’s full of useful items and is updated regularly: Blueridge Social Links.

Finally, visit the Resources page to find lots of other useful information and sites related to Blueridge.