Upcoming Events


Premier Events

Note: COVID has caused all scheduled events to be reevaluated. We’ll update this page with new event information when we know more.

Other Regularly Scheduled Events

  • Blueridge Community Newsletter – Delivered to your mailbox in March, June, and October.
  • Blueridge Bulletin – Email delivered to subscribers around the middle of each month.
  • Candidate Forums – Your chance to meet candidates for local office before elections. These are scheduled as needed, and will be announced in advance.
  • BCA Meetings – These happen five times a year and will appear on the calendar above in addition to being announced in the usual channels. General information about our meetings is available on the About Page. While Covid has messed with meeting in person, the BCA continues to meet virtually.

Events Archive

Here you can find photos and documentation from some past events here in Blueridge.