Did you miss last night’s Community Association meeting?

It was sweltering last night in the library of Blueridge Elementary School where the Blueridge Community Association was holding its September community meeting. A great group of people showed up. What they had in common was that everyone loves this neighbourhood and we are all doing our part to make it a great place to live. There was a lot to discuss – here are just some of the highlights.

  • In November the next BCA Newsletter will be delivered to 1500+ homes in the neighbourhood. Deadline for articles is October 15th. Send articles to the editor Newsletter@blueridgeca.org
  • Mystery bags of goo – the District has had the material tested and found it is organic and non-toxic. We still don’t know what it is [speculations….bong water, vomit, betel nut juice, juicing waste, food someone doesn’t like]. The RCMP has opened a file. In the meantime, we strategized about what steps we can take next to stop it from happening. Thank you to District councillor Jim Hanson, who brought the issue to the attention of council and moved things forward with the RCMP.
  • Sharing Garden – one difficulty that the Sharing Garden faces is their yearly insurance bill of $800. They have no stable source of income other than grants and fundraising. New volunteers are needed on for the CORE group and for regular garden tasks like watering, weeding and maintenance. We speculated that the concept of “sharing garden” might be difficult for people to understand. garden@blueridgeca.org
  • Blueridge Elementary School Closure. The task force met this summer. The next steps are to begin attending monthly SD44 (school district) meetings and examine the process required to reverse the school closure decision.
  • No coach house at 1038 Carnaby Place. The recent DNV council decision to deny a permit for a coach house at 1038 Carnaby Place was discussed.
  • Donna Sacuta showed us the plaque that she has designed (in collaboration with Deep Cove Heritage Society and the Canadian Labour Congress) for the Blair Rifle Range (corner of Northlands and Mount Seymour Parkway).
  • The idea of a trail connecting Blueridge to Parkgate was floated.
  • Rose Holmes was the latest recipient of the Blueridge Scholarship
  • The next BCA meeting will be held on Tuesday November 8th and the guest speaker will be Terry Beech, MP for Burnaby North-Seymour (our federal riding). It isn’t every day that you have your local MP in attendance to hear your concerns so consider coming out to that meeting.
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