Community Board Survey

An article in the March 2024 Blueridge Community News (our printed newsletter) and coming to our April Blueridge Bulletin discussed the idea of putting up a community board, where announcements about events, meetings and activities could be posted.

Here’s a photo of a similar board in Deep Cove.

One of the key questions was where should such a board go?

We asked the community to answer a question and provided some choices. Here are the results we got:




At the bottom of Berkley Road near Mount Seymour Parkway


Next to the Blueridge Sharing Garden (on Carnation Street across from Seymour Heights Elementary School)


At the trail head near the west end of Hyannis Drive


Near/in front of a local school


At the corner of Emerson and Mt Seymour Parkway by the mailbox. Parking lot of United Strangers. High traffic, drivers, walking, biking.

As you can see, the location at the bottom of Berkley where it intersects with Mt. Seymour Pkwy was the preferred location by a large margin. 

There were a number of additional comments submitted – mostly comments about the suitability of one site or another – that have been gathered and sent to the BCA board along with the vote totals.

Thank you for your intertest and participation!