Blueridge Sharing Garden – UPDATE: Lionsgate Rotary Club Pledges Support

Blueridge Sharing Garden – UPDATE: Lionsgate Rotary Club Pledges Support

Greetings gardeners, there have been some exciting developments for the Blueridge Sharing Garden! But before we share the news with you – please note that there are two things we are currently in need of: 

1) We are actively looking for an individual or company that has a backhoe or bobcat to dig up all the blackberry roots from the site

2) After the site is cleared we are going to put down cardboard, followed by bark mulch/wood chips. If you have any cardboard, please save it for us

Contact us at if you can help out with either option.

On September 12th, we were invited to the North Shore Winter Club to present the Blueridge Sharing Garden project to the Rotary Club of Lionsgate. Before the meeting, we outlined to their Board some options on ways that they could support us – including money for the split cedar fencing, for a message board and a little free library, and for a brick patio with benches.

We have received confirmation that the Rotary Club Board met and voted to support us! Their generous level of support includes:

1. An offer of volunteers to assist in the set-up and maintenance of the garden from now until June 30, 2015.

2. A donation of $2000 to assist in the payment  for the items listed in our wish list.

3. Assistance in the harvesting and delivery of the produce to those in need up to June 30th, 2015.

4. To assist in whatever way they can to get the Rotary Interact club at Windsor Secondary School involved (an email has already been sent to the club executive).

5. To help to promote the project with regards to PR and social media.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more info about a work party that will happen this Fall – a great way to get out and meet your neighbours.

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