Blueridge Cares

Blueridge Cares lets Blueridge residents help those in need. We’ve provided support to Blueridge families at the holidays and during difficult times, as well as supporting our emergency workers and others who make life better for everyone.

Opportunities to participate are announced here on our website, on our social media channels, and through the Newsletter and the Bulletin. You can make a difference when it matters most! 

If you have an idea for a future Blueridge Cares initiative, please email us at

Blueridge Cares Past Initiatives

Christmas 2022

This is becoming a real tradition now. Blueridge Cares 2022 was a big success, helping several families have a better Christmas thanks to the generosity of Blueridge residents. Thank you! More details are available here.

Christmas 2021

Once again Blueridge residents pitched in to help make things better for those in need in our neighbourhood. It was a large effort helping six different families. You can learn more about it here.

Christmas 2020

The Christmas of 2020 was different. For some it can always be difficult with the additional expenses we incur to create that festive atmosphere but this year it was particularly challenging for families impacted by Covid-19.

A group of volunteers embarked on helping families over Christmas with food, gifts and gift cards. They reached out to our residents and local businesses for assistance and were amazed at the generosity of the community. They raised $5250 worth of gifts and cash to give to six families in the area who were very grateful.

COVID-19 / Spring 2020:

More than 450 packages containing everything from Cliff Bars, chocolates and cookies to hand sanitizers and beer were prepared by residents of Blueridge and Seymour Heights in their own homes. The supplies came from fund-raising of $6000 in just eight days, a real testatment to how people opened their hearts.

About 150 of the bags were delivered to Lions Gate Hospital ER Department and 300 were given to the Berkley Care Centre. Other packages went to DNV firefighters and the North Vancouver RCMP. Our efforts were noted in the local press:

The project started when a Blueridge Resident reached out to the BCA after reading about the need for masks at the Lions Gate Hospital. When the BCA spoke to a doctor at the hospital, we quickly realized what was needed more than a mask was a gesture of support, something that could boost the staff’s morale.