Blueridge Bulletin Subscriber Statistics

These statistics are updated monthly, about one week after a new issue of the Blueridge Bulletin is emailed to subscribers.

Last update: Jun 7, 2024

Number of subscribers: 672

The following chart shows the number of Bulletin subscribers, the number of times each bulletin was opened, and the number of total links that readers clicked on in each issue going back to Jan 10, 2021.

When each issue of the Bulletin is released, a post is made on Instagram and Facebook announcing it. These charts show the “reach” (the number of unique viewers) and the “impressions” (the number of times each post is displayed) for those announcment posts, along with the total of each.

These posts help us get more subscribers, and even reach non-subscribers who find out about the Bulletin via social media.


  • You can click on any of the charts above to see slightly larger versions.
  • Occasionally the connection between Mailchimp and Facebook or Instagram fails. When that happens, we get no data from one platform or the other. If you see a missing red or blue line in the bar charts above, that’s what happened. Sadly there is nothing we can do about this problem.