Blueridge Bulletin – September 2015

Blueridge Bulletin – September 2015

Fall is in the air. Leaves are falling…no, wait a minute –  trees are falling!! Yes – we had a major windstorm last weekend. Blueridge fared pretty well, although the lower part of Berkley was closed for a while due to a downed power-line (which many of us drove over until the road was closed by some helpful firefighters). Read on for more up-to-the-minute news and information about your neighbourhood!

1) Blueridge Community Association meeting – Tuesday September 8th, 7:00 pm in the library of Blueridge Elementary School. All are welcome to attend. Guest speaker is Mike Mayers – Superintendent, Environmental Management & LSCR at Metro Vancouver. Mike is in charge of the LSCR (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve) which is right on our doorstep. Come out to the meeting to find out the latest details about the Twin Bridges replacement, trail work in the LSCR and more information about the LSCR.

2) Parkgate Community Day – Saturday September 12th from 11 am – 2 pm at Parkgate Community Centre. Check here for more info.

3) Two great events from Seymour Salmonid Society. Open House – Sunday September 20th. BC River’s Day Lower Seymour River Clean Up – Sunday September 27th. Consider coming out to either event to support the efforts of the Seymour Salmonid Society – it’s been a tough year for salmon in the Seymour River. First a rock-slide blocked the river for fish transit. Then we had record low water levels, and record high temperatures throughout the spring and summer. Now intense rain has caused flooding in the Seymour River, making it difficult for fish to spawn.

4) Sharing Garden Update – The Sharing Garden is now home to a “Little Free Library”. Drop off any books you no longer want, and pick up a book if you’re short on something to read. There are lots of childrens’ books there too. The library is ALWAYS open. There is also a community message board you can use to post messages. Looking to volunteer in the garden? Email There are lots of tasks for Fall after a busy summer. Many thanks to Neil from Dynamic Gutters – who put some beautiful new gutters on the garden shed that lead directly into the water holding tanks. After one of the driest summers on record – you may be thinking about harvesting rainwater in your own back yard. Check out the Backyard Rainwater Harvesting Class in our very own Sharing Garden, on Sunday September 20th.

5) Federal election 2015. The BCA will co-host an all-candidates meeting at the Mount Seymour United Church,  7 PM on Thursday, October 15. Note that the riding boundaries have changed (we have been combined with North Burnaby) so there is NO incumbent for this brand new riding. The election itself takes place on Monday October 19th. Click here for information on registering to vote with Elections Canada.

6) Blueridge Neighbourhood Trails Map. Lot’s of new people have moved into Blueridge over the summer. If you have new neighbours – consider pointing out this map to them. It shows all of the local connections. Also – ask them if they want to be on our email distribution list – they can contact us at

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