Blueridge Bulletin – November 2014  **Voting Day Special

Blueridge Bulletin – November 2014 **Voting Day Special

1. It’s voting day – here is your change to get out and vote. Polls close at 8:00 pm. The nearest poll in our neighbourhood is Blueridge Elementary. Not sure who to vote for – here is some information from FONVCA (Federation of North Vancouver Community Associations). Or try the DNV website.

2. This Tuesday November 18th at 7:00 pm is the next Blueridge Community Association meeting. All are welcome to attend at Blueridge Elementary School Library. The guest speaker is Donna Sacuta – with a presentation about the Blair Rifle Range lands – just east of Blueridge. The November 2014 AGENDA can be found here.

3. There have been a few Coyote sightings in the neighbourhood (no Road Runners as yet). Keep in mind that Coyotes are wild animals and may attack cats and other small animals. Here is some info from the Stanley Park Ecological Society. Coyote Sightings

4. 214 Blueridge Bus – Service Reduction. A number of concerned residents have now formed a small committee that will bring a united voice forward (to Translink, DNV etc) regarding bus service reduction. If you would like to add your voice, please contact us at (the more the merrier).



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