Blueridge Bulletin Ad Guidelines

Ads for publication in the Blueridge Bulletin must follow the following guidelines:

  • Ads cost:
    • $30 per month (one issue).
    • $250 for 12 consecutive issues.
    • Payment via cheque or e-transfer to the BCA Treasurer.
  • Ads appear at the end of each Bulletin.
  • Ads are rotated each month so placement will vary.
  • Ads may include both text and an image.
  • Text must be short – a single paragraph or so. It may include phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, and the like.
  • Images in ads must fit on a single page, and ideally are much smaller than that. We prefer images about 600 pixels wide by about 300 pixels tall, but ads may be square at 600×600 pixels. Larger images supplied to us will be scaled down to 600 pixels wide (or a bit less) as part of inserting them into the Bulletin.
  • We prefer JPG image format, but also accept PNG.
  • Images in ads will display at approximately 600 pixels wide on a desktop computer. Note that they will be smaller on phones or tablets. We do NOT control how they are displayed on mobile devices. As a result, advertisers should test view any ad images on a phone (held vertically) to confirm text in an image is legible after the ad is scaled down to no more than 600 pixels wide.
  • Images may link to your website. Include the desired URL with the ad copy and image.
  • Ads have the same general submission deadlines as articles, but generally they change less often, so once they are in place changes are infrequent. If a change is needed it needs to be sent to by the submission deadline for the issue in question.
  • To purchase an ad in the bulletin, send email to and we will get back to you to work out the specifics. Ad copy and images will eventually be sent to, but the Bulletin editors don’t deal with the actual purchase itself. That responsibility goes to the BCA’s treasurer.
  • Past issues of the Bulletin are archived on the BCA website, on the website of our email provider (MailChimp at this time), and may also be saved elsewhere. They are freely accessible to anyone on the internet at any time as a result, and will be forever.