UXO Removal Information

UPDATE July 5, 2024:

A UXO was found on July 3 and disposed of on July 4, 2024.

In addition, we have been informed of the following:

  • UXO removal work on the Blair Range has been extended until July 12, 2024. This will allow them to complete UXO reduction in all the areas that were previously prepared for that work.
  • Since UXOs continue to be found, DND will be returning after the summer break – sometime in September 2024, exact date not yet know – to continue their efforts. At the moment that work is expected to go on until March 2025, and the results of that additional search will help determine if even more work is needed after that.
  • Since September 2023, DND has found and safely removed
    • 2 UXO
    • over 250 Kg of munition related items (i.e. grenade parts; practice, and expended smoke and illumination mortars (2 inch and 3 inch); 6 pdr practice projectiles; practice PIATS; paraflares; small arms ammunition; munition parts and fragmentation)
    • That list doesn’t include the item found on July 3

Thanks to Debbie Nicholls at DND for this information.

UPDATE April 18, 2024:

The device found yesterday was a 3″ mortar and was safely detonated in place. This NSN article has the details.

UPDATE April 17, 2024:

The UXO found on today. It will be removed or safely detonated by the ordnance disposal team on April 18.

In addition, the UXO clearance work is being extended until June 28, 2024, with plans to return this fall. During this time, they will be clearing approximately six to eight additional hectares of land and select trails will be closed intermittently while work is underway.

This UXO fact sheet (PDF) includes more information and a map about where the work is happening.

UPDATE December 13, 2023:

The UXO found on December 12 was safely removed by the ordnance disposal team, and will be disposed of at a military base.

UPDATE December 12, 2023:

On Dec 12, DND found a potential UXO in their ongoing clearance work. As of this writing the area has been secured and access restricted until the item is properly disposed of. The notice from DND says their ordnance disposal team has been contacted and will arrive on site today to determine how to handle the object in question. Should they determine that it must be detonated in place, “access to some trails may be temporarily restricted, and you may notice a loud noise, some smoke, and minimal vibrations.”

When we learn more, we will share it here.

ORIGINAL POST November 11, 2023:

In two past UXO removal efforts, quite a few UXOs were found and removed or detonated on site. The focus in the first effort in 2018 was the existing trails. In early 2023 a particular area was examined in depth.

The latest UXO removal project will happen in stages, and could go on into 2025. During the effort, trails will be closed to keep the public and those doing the work safe.

More details from DND can be found in this PDF document: