Barbecues, smoking banned in our parks and on trails

Barbecues, smoking banned in our parks and on trails

Information from the DNV website.

“The District is rapidly moving towards an ‘extreme’ fire danger rating,” said North Vancouver District Fire Chief Victor Penman. “With this heat and tinder dry conditions, a fire can start easily and spread very rapidly. Our primary concern is for the safety of the public, residences, and forested areas. I’m asking the public directly to help us avert a tragedy.”


How you can help

The Fire Chief urges everyone to:

  • discard cigarettes safely. Do not toss from vehicles
  • stay on trails when in the forest
  • dispose of garbage in a proper receptacle, paper cups, food wrappers and other combustibles can provide kindling for a fire
  • dispose of glass and bottles in the recycling container or return for deposit. Strong sunshine through a discarded bottle or jar can act as a magnifying glass and start fires.

Municipal bylaws prohibit open fires throughout the North Shore, including camp fires, outdoor (built-in, copper/metal, or brick) fireplaces, fire pits, and clay open fire garden heaters called chimineas.

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