About BCA

blueridge community association

The Blueridge Community Association works to continually enhance livability for Blueridge and Seymour Heights residents.

We were founded in October 1993 to successfully prevent a proposed road development that would have linked Hyannis Drive to Lynn Valley. Since that time the BCA has become an important voice for our community, run by a Board of Directors, committees, and many more volunteers.

We are considered a well-organized, active, and innovative organization.

What we do:

  • Stimulate community spirit and cooperation
  • Encourage participation in the community
  • Represent the community on various external committees
  • Inform residents of government decisions and actions that directly affect them
  • Take concerns of residents to appropriate organizations or levels of government
  • Communicate with our residents through a printed newsletter delivered three times a year, a monthly email bulletin and through social media platforms (details about these are on the Keep Informed Page)
  • Organize All Candidates Meetings at election times
  • Organize and support a number of programs that benefit the community and its residents
  • Provide volunteer opportunities

The BCA meets five times a year:

  • Meetings are announced here on the website, in the Bulletin and Newsletter, and on our social media channels. Be sure to keep informed by following one or more of those sources.
  • During the Covid pandemic meetings have been virtual. This will continue until it is safe to resume in-person events.
  • The Annual General Meeting includes the election of officers and directors, as well as the presentation of the annual reports.
  • Our meeting minutes, constitution, and other documents are published here.

If you have questions, please Contact Us.