We have a Social Media strategy?

We have a Social Media strategy?

Why yes – the BCA (Blueridge Community Association) DOES have a social media strategy [Communications BCA final]. Kicking and screaming – we have been dragged into the 21st (or is the 22nd?) century.

Here at the BCA our goals are to “build community” and “engage with residents”. We are diversifying with many different activities (Sharing Garden, Syrian Refugee Project, Blueridge Good Neighbour Day to name a few) and need to stay current in the ways we connect with residents. Last month we reviewed the different “pieces” of our communication network and found that we had a lot of ways of staying in touch! The recent Telus landline/TV outage made it apparent that having a timely way to connect with residents not only helps our community, it also gives us leverage with outside agencies (e.g. our Twitter posts about the outage attracted the attention of the North Shore News, who did a story on the outage, perhaps pressuring Telus to try harder getting info to us).

What does this mean for you? If you want to stay current with recent developments, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Monthly we send out a Bulletin (e-newsletter) via email – sign up for the Blueridge Bulletin here. Our website is a place were we put events, documents, and information about the BCA and our community. In addition, the Sharing Garden has its own Facebook group which you are welcome to join, and an email address also.

Finally, if you have something of interest about Blueridge/Seymour Heights or the people who live here, that you’d like to see distributed to the neighbourhood – let us know at info@blueridgeca.org.

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