The Future of Public Lands in Blueridge: Let’s Start the Conversation

Future of Blueridge Public Land final png

The rumours have swirled for years. Will Blueridge Elementary eventually close, to be merged with a new Seymour Heights Elementary? Or will Blueridge Elementary be rebuilt, and Seymour Heights Elementary closed and the land sold off. What is the timeline for the merger? What will happen to the public land that the schools sit on? What will this mean for the neighbourhood in terms of traffic and connectivity?

On Monday April 4th, the Blueridge Community Association will host a special forum to begin addressing these questions. As a first step, we have asked school district Trustee Barry Forward to speak to the community and give us his perspective on the issue.

Let’s start the conversation.

Blueridge Elementary School Gym – 2650 Bronte Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1M4, Canada

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(please register – we need to know numbers so that we don’t go overcapacity at our venue).

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