Stage 1 Watering Restrictions begin May 15th

Watering restrictions take effect May 15th. Here’s the rules for residential addresses:

Even # address: you can water between 4 am – 9 am Mon/Wed/Sat

Odd # address: you can water between 4 am – 9 am Tues/Thurs/Sun

Fridays – everyone gets to sleep in

Fines start at $500, but worse than that will be the negative karma headed your way from your neighbours if you are watering out of turn.

Here’s more info from MetroVancouver

“In addition to lawn sprinkling regulations, there are other water use restrictions when Stage 1 of the Water Shortage Response Plan is active.

Some examples are:

  • Outdoor car washing and boat washing with a hose with spring-loaded shut off only
  • Golf course operators requested to cut water use on fairways as much as possible
  • Artificial turf and outdoor tracks hosed for health and safety only
  • Cemetery lawn operators to use non-residential sprinkling times posted above”


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