Sharing Garden Work Party Saturday April 18th

It’s official – the Sharing Garden is going ahead. So we are having a party (a work party that is) where the whole community gets to come out and build the garden. On Saturday, April 18th at 10 am at the Lytton Street road allowance. Bring your cordless drill (if you have one) and appropriate footwear. Bring your kids – this is a great time of year to get them outside digging in the dirt. We also need donations of the following items that can be brought to the site:

– Flattened cardboard (bigger pieces are better, we need lots!)
– Bricks/Allen blocks/cinder blocks
– Sidewalk blocks/pavers of any type
– Lumber (any size or dimension but no treated wood please!)
– Shovels and other tools
– Trellis/things for plants to climb
– Hardware cloth
– Drywall corners
– Pots/plant containers
– Lawn chairs/tables
– Old windows

For more info please contact us at blueridgesharinggarden [at] gmail [dot] com or check out our Facebook page.

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