School District’s presentation slides from April 4th Meeting + links to relevant documents

School District’s presentation slides from April 4th Meeting + links to relevant documents

Here is the PowerPoint presentation (as a PDF) that Barry Forward delivered at the April 4th meeting on the Future of Schools in Blueridge/Seymour Heights.

Barry Forward’s Presentation April 4th

Other relevant documents from the NVSD [North Van School District] Website include:

2015/2016 Capital Plan Summary

Description from the NVSD website:
“Taking into account the School District’s Facilities Plan, as well as an emphasis on facilities’ condition and seismic ratings, the 2015/2016 Capital Plan Summary identifies the School District’s highest priorities for major capital projects, including:
  1. The replacement of Seymour Heights Elementary School, enabling the consolidation of Blueridge Elementary School into the larger Seymour Heights Elementary School
  2. The replacement of Queensbury Elementary School with a larger capacity, enabling the accommodation of increasing student enrolment in this area of the School District
  3. The replacement of Larson Elementary School, enabling the accommodation of the student population in the permanent building and the elimination of portable classrooms. “

Another helpful report from the NVSD is the 2015 Facilities Plan Update – presented to the Board in December 2015. Interestingly, on page 4 of this report, is states that “Several elementary schools are, or will be, underutilized: Norgate, Eastview, Lynnmour, Blueridge, Seymour Heights, Dorothy Lynas and Sherwood Park”. Information which we know now isn’t correct, given that Blueridge has a capacity of 350 students, and currently houses 353 students.

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