Public Land in Blueridge: Let’s Start the Conversation

Public Land in Blueridge: Let’s Start the Conversation

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The rumours have swirled for years.

Will Blueridge Elementary School eventually close, to be merged with a new Seymour Heights Elementary?

What is the timeline for the merger?

What will happen with the public land the school sits upon?

What will this mean for the neighbourhood’s connectivity and traffic issues?

Have you ever wished Blueridge had more purpose built affordable and supportive housing for aging residents?

Would you like to have a community facility (e.g. recreation, social) located within Blueridge?

On Monday, April 4 the Blueridge Community Association is hosting a special forum to begin addressing these questions. As a first step, we have asked School Trustee Barry Forward (who has responsibility for the two schools) to speak with the community and give us his perspective on the matter.

We are also excited to welcome a student from UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning to provide ongoing advice and support to the Association as we grapple with the many issues involved. Amy McDonald is a former resident of Blueridge (her family still lives here). She attended Blueridge Elementary and Windsor Secondary and is passionate about our neighbourhood.

Let’s start the conversation on Monday, April 4 at Blueridge Elementary gymnasium, at 7 p.m.


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