Message from Deep Cove Outdoors & Canada Cares – Helping the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Greece

Read on for a message from Canada Cares – they are looking for donations of money and socks, wool tongues and scarves to take to Greece for Syrian refugees.

Canada Cares – Helping the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Greece


We all saw the image of the little boy on the beach and our hearts broke a little.  We felt sad and helpless.  What could we do?

Every day thousand of refugees arrive on the island of Lesvos in Greece but there are currently no major aid organizations taking care of them. The people who greet the refugees on the beach and provide dry clothing and food are all local residents and volunteers from around the world who have travelled on their own to help the refugees.

Canada Cares is a group of women from Deep Cove, including co-owner Erian, getting together to try and help.  On November 15th, our good friends Laurie Cooper and Ellen Fulton, (whose flight costs we have sponsored), are travelling to Greece to spend two weeks helping in the refugee camps. Click here to support them by donating whatever you can.

We are also taking donations at Deep Cove Outdoors of new or used wool socks, warm toques and scarves that can double as head scarves. If donations are received prior to the 15th Laurie and Ellen will take them to Greece. Please help us help out! Any questions or other suggestions get in touch with Erian at erian [at] deepcovekayak [dot] com

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