Horse drawn garbage collection coming to Blueridge, North Vancouver

** To everyone who thought this post was real – sorry it isn’t. This was our April Fool’s for 2016. It IS a really cool idea and I’m sorry that it won’t be a reality (at least not in the short term). If you didn’t see the 2015 April Fool’s check it out here, and stay tuned for next year!! I bet you won’t get fooled again. : )

A sight not seen for the last 80 years in North Vancouver, horse-drawn garbage ‘wagons’ are set to begin garbage collection in the neighbourhood of Blueridge in September 2016. In a joint initiative between MetroVancouver, the District of North Vancouver, and the Alfred P. Kettering Foundation – Blueridge has been chosen as a “test” area for this novel (yet distinctly ‘old-school’) method of garbage & recycling collection. The lurch and roar of the regular diesel garbage trucks will be replaced by the clippety-clop of horses hooves. It’s a win for everyone, as the slow-moving horse-drawn wagons require only one operator, while the exhaust (so to speak) will be collected to fertilize the garden beds in the Blueridge Sharing Garden. Blueridge is the ideal place to test the new collection method, as we are located relatively near the transfer station, and there are many grass boulevards where the horses can stop and have a snack during their route. Blueridge isn’t the first neighbourhood to experiment with modern day horse-drawn garbage collection, towns in Middlebury, Vermont and Perpignan, France have been using this method for a number of years.

In this May 5, 2015 photo, Patrick Palmer, left, and Nick Hammond toss bags of refuse into a horse-drawn garbage collection wagon in Middlebury, Vt. Palmer's horses have been a common sight along the streets of the village of Bristol, Vt., for 18 years. Now he is training a younger crew, including Hammond, to collect trash with a team of draft horses in the busier college village of Middlebury. (AP Photo/Andy Duback)

Credit: AP Photo/Andy Duback

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