Here is info directly from Telus re: landline outage in Blueridge/North Vancouver

Updated: Tuesday November 24 – 2015

From Telus (emailed to info [at] blueridgeca [dot] org).

TELUS restores landline service to customers in Blueridge, North Vancouver


TELUS technicians have now restored landline telephone service to all affected customers in the Blueridge area of North Vancouver.


Service was lost when water got into a damaged cable following heavy rain in the area. Due to extensive damage, TELUS was unable to repair the damaged cable and needed to replace a 300 metre length to restore service, which took a number of days to complete as a result of the nature of the work required and challenging conditions.


TELUS will be reaching out to discuss and make things right with affected customers.


TELUS apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks its customers for their patience.


– 30 –


For media inquiries, please contact:


Emily Hamer

TELUS Media Relations



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