Guidance on door to door solicitations

Here at the BCA we occasionally get emails from residents to warn about door-to-door solicitations. And from time to time we all find ourselves answering the door to a stranger. It could be someone collection donations for a charity, selling a paint job, or convincing you to sign a new contract for phone and internet service. Often they arrive when you’re busy, trying to get dinner on the table, or help kids with their homework. And sometimes we get talked into something on the spot, only to regret the decision once the person has left.

Make a pact with yourself right now. “I will not sign a contract or donate money on the spot to any cause that shows up at my doorstep”. If you are interested in donating or signing up for something, ask the solicitor for more information and let them know that you will get back to the company/charity on your own terms. Then take your own time to decide how to proceed.

If you don’t want to be troubled by door-to-door solicitations, put a polite sign up near your door-knocker or door-bell that says “No soliciting, Thank you”.


Posted in Traffic & Safety