Do bugs need grubs? European Chafer Beetle Invasion
Chafer Beetle Larvae

Do bugs need grubs? European Chafer Beetle Invasion

First spotted in New Westminster in 2001, the European Chafer Beetle has now migrated across Burrard Inlet and is now actively infesting lawns in North and West Vancouver. The beetle lays larvae in grass lawns, then raccoons, crows and skunks dig up lawns to get at the tasty larvae, resulting in a lawn that looks like this…


Short of re-doing your lawn with something other than grass, there aren’t many simple solutions for this problem. One treatment is to add nematodes – tiny grubs that will eat the chafer beetle larvae. Nematodes have to be added around mid-July to early August and require that the lawn be well-watered. The City of North Vancouver website has information about nematodes as well as other methods of preventing/reducing the infestation. Local garden centres are taking orders for nematodes NOW – it’s a good time to get into contact with them to let them know your needs for this summer. You can find more information about ordering nematodes from:


Dykhof Nurseries





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