Coming July 1st, Separate Glass Collection, Combined Paper Streams

From the NorthShore Recycling Program.

This July, small changes are being made to the way recycling is collected on the North Shore.

  • To prevent broken glass from contaminating other materials, Glass Bottles and Jars will be collected in a separate Grey Box/Cart.
  • Newspaper and Mixed Paper will be combined.
  • Smithrite Disposal Ltd. will become the residential recycling collection contractor.
  • These changes take effect July 2015.

Curbside Blue Box Recycling Collection:

  • A NEW Grey Box for glass, labelled “Glass Bottles and Jars Only” will be delivered in June. All Glass Bottles and Jars must be recycled in the Grey Box. Caps and Lids should be removed and placed in the Blue Box for recycling. Refundables are best recycled at a designated drop-off depot.
  • Newspaper and Mixed Paper, including cardboard, may be combined in your Yellow OR Blue Bag for recycling. Blue Bags will be phased out.
  • The Blue Box is used for all recyclable plastic and metal containers.
  • A full list of all materials accepted is available here.
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