Changes coming to 214

Changes coming to 214

The Blueridge Community Association has been working for some time on improvements for our 214 bus route, and today we have good news for you.

Thanks to our councillor Jim Hanson, who also was a member of our BCA board, we were able to meet with Translink on August 25th. In Attendance at the meeting were: Eric Godot Andersen, Rhoda Irwin, Ginette Pepin, Ruth Hanson, and myself; and we met with Mike Madill and Denis Gaunt from Coast Mountain Bus Company.

In our hour long meeting we presented our proposal for the 213 bus route, and the short terms solutions for the 214 bus route to improve the current service.Coast Mountain Bus Company was very receptive to both projects and promised to study them with the rest of the internal team. Although it was already expected that the 213 project was going to take a long time to get farther ahead, we received the good news yesterday that the 214 short term solutions will be implemented on Monday September 7th.

The main changes are:

  • Skip the Seylynn area by using the highway access.
  • Improve the schedule to allow for additional time to make the connections at Phibbs.

We want to hear your thoughts about it and also feedback on the new changes once they are established and have become the new normal for you, and Translink wants to know if this will be helpful to us, the residents of Blueridge.

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