Blueridge Public Lands Taskforce

Blueridge Public Lands Taskforce

The Blueridge Public Lands Taskforce met in July to determine what course of action we should take after the general public meeting held in April 2016 with School Trustee Barry Forward. A group of talented and concerned residents (some who have school-age children, others whose children had attended Blueridge in the past) met for a lively and interesting discussion.

The AGENDA was:

1) Introduction of every participant (name and why they decided to attend).

2) Option 1: convince the school board that the numbers of kids (enrolment) have changed in our neighbourhood and that their decision from 2010 should be reviewed

3) Option 2: what alternatives could and should we consider for the Blueridge Elementary School property if Seymour Heights Elementary were to be rebuilt and a larger school were to become the only school in Blueridge/Seymour Heights.

4) How do we reach out to the community to get maximum participation & input? The next BCA newsletter will most likely go out in October/November. Try to establish a closer working relationship with the local PACs?

5) What is our next step? Next meeting?

Participants opted to look at Option 1 – how can we convince the School Board (SD44) to reverse the school closure by-law. Moving forward, at a minimum it was decided to have a presence at School Board meetings. Some of information we will need to reverse the school closure by-law can be found in these documents (highly recommended if you have time for some light reading):

Seymour Heights Report (2004) from when that school was facing a closure. What can we learn from their success in keeping Seymour Heights open.

Minutes from SD44 meeting (2009) when it was decided that Blueridge Elementary would close.

SD44 Policy 610 “Closure of Schools”


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