Blueridge Bulletin – August 2015

Blueridge Bulletin – August 2015

In the words of Buster Poindexter, it is “Hot, hot, hot” and DRY. Read on for more about Stage 3 watering restrictions, Sharing Garden news, Little Free Library, Community Baseball and more.

1) The next Community Baseball game is tonight, Thursday July 30th, at 7:00 pm at McCartney Creek Park. Join in! It’s fun. Even I got on base a few times (despite being the world’s worst baseball player ever).

2) The Sharing Garden (located across the road from Seymour Heights Elementary at Carnation and Lytton Streets) now has a Little Free Library. If you have some books you would like to set free – please bring them to the library. Equally, if you are looking for a great summer read – stop by and pick up a book (and a zucchini to go with it). The Sharing Garden was also recently featured in the North Shore News. Congratulations to all of the hard-working volunteers who have made the garden come to life. There have been some challenges what with it being the hottest, driest summer in a long time – but we have got veggies growing in the beds! There will be a work party in the near future to install the garden fence – please contact the garden at if you’d like to volunteer with the garden in any capacity. There is also a Blueridge Sharing Garden Facebook page that is a great way to find out what’s happening in the garden.

3) Some thoughts on door-to-door sales in Blueridge.

4) Stage 3 Watering Restrictions are in effect. So if you haven’t stopped watering your lawn – now is the time to cease and desist!

5) Next Community Association meeting will take place on Tuesday September 8th at 7:00 pm (location TBD – most likely the library at Blueridge Elementary). The guest speaker will be Mike Meyers – Operations Superintendent for the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. He will update us on the Twin Bridges situation. Consider coming out to show your support for a new pedestrian/bike crossing at the location of the former Twin Bridges.



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