Update: Berkley & Seymour Parkway On-Ramp

Update: Berkley & Seymour Parkway On-Ramp

In the November newsletter, an article was published regarding a proposal brought to the District by a private citizen of Blueridge.

The proposal is to alter the on-ramp from Berkley onto west-bound Mt Seymour Parkway.  The changes would see the existing on-ramp removed and changed to a simple 90 degree right hand turn at the intersection. The goal is to reduce speed southbound on Berkley between Bendale and the Parkway.  This proposal was apparently met with some enthusiasm by the District.

The BCA Traffic & Safety Committee requested input from the community on that proposal.

Thank you to all Blueridge residents who took the time to submit their input regarding this proposal (see original newsletter article here).

In total, 176 messages were received representing 143 households.

Of the 176 messages, 175 voiced strong opposition to the proposal.

With this support in place, a letter has been sent to the District of North Vancouver from the Blueridge Community Association voicing strong opposition to any change to the on-ramp beyond extending it further down the Westbound Parkway.

We hope this puts the matter to rest.

We will work with the District and local residents to explore other means of calming the speed on Berkley south of Bendale.

Yours In Service,
Graham Gilley
Chair, Traffic & Safety Committee

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