Berkley Freeway

berkley-terracesWe aren’t talking about Interstate 580 in California, rather the main route in and out of our neighbourhood. Lately it has become a freeway (of sorts). Traffic volumes are up, people are speeding, texting, not stopping for pedestrians. It is a real challenge for residents of Berkley Terraces (999 Berkley Road). Over 60 people live in the building, and many are senior citizens. There is no sidewalk (to the Parkway) on the west side of Berkley from the Terraces, so they are forced to cross over in order to get the bus, go to Ron Andrews, or do any walking in the community.

Safety of our neighbours is our main concern.   There is a potential for injury or worse. Seniors and small children (day care on Berkley) are at risk. Lack of safe walking routes limits the movement of people in the community. What can you do? Be a neighbourhood pace car – travel the speed limit (50 km/hour), stop for pedestrians, put your devices away. Ask people who work for you (landscape, construction, delivery) to respect the speed limit.
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